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Endless Main is a power metal quintet from Slovakia. Sure, Slovakia isn’t the first country that pops into someone’s mind when power metal is mentioned. Most people would rather think of Sweden, the motherland of bombastic, arena-like power metal, or Germany, the nation where the genre was born. However, these guys have nothing to desire from the most well-known acts. Their sound differs from the typical Euro-power feeling that many people -including me- love. The songs are constructed around strong, almost thrashy riffs and long solos, while the keyboard usage isn’t really extended.

One of the record’s strongest points is the vocals. The lead singer, Michal Sepetka, possesses a really flexible voice and shows a pretty wide vocal range. At the verses, he sounds more aggressive and angry, more like a thrash or groove metal vocalist. His shouting growls move the songs to the power-thrash territory. When the chorus comes, he sings in a more high pitched voice, while the anger is replaced by sadness, frustration and hope. Especially in “I Will”, he shows that he can sound soft and emotionally powerful as well. Given all these facts, he deserves a place in the hall of fame of power metal vocalists, or metal vocalists in general.

The orchestration doesn’t lack anything a good metal band needs. Especially, the blasting drum beats will make anyone who has stated that speedy power metal is dead take his words back. The drummer combines speed with technicality and delivers an amazing performance that will be appreciated by any metal fan. The faster tracks, such as “War’, “Into the Light” and “Lastman Standing” (not a Hammerfall cover) offer him a great opportunity to show off his talent.

It’s quite obvious that the guitarists are talented as hell. The solos played by the lead are technically perfect, and despite their complexity, they keep away from sounding forced or soulless. They are also pretty long, but not in a way that makes them sound tiring. The rhythm collaborates with the lead flawlessly. The riffs delivered by the rhythm guitarist go straight into your face, kick starting the songs in an aggressive thrashy (or even groovy) way or supporting the lead, in order to make an even better result.

The keyboards here mainly support the guitars and drums, but they do manage to build a haunting and melodic atmosphere. In “Fall”, they do an excellent job opening the song before giving their place to the guitars. In some parts, one can hear violins playing, which adds even more depth and beauty into the tracks. The song “I Will” is a piano ballad, without any guitars, bass or drums. However, the pianist fills the gap and it doesn’t feel incomplete.

The album on its whole can be described as fast, hard-hitting power metal; however there are some calmer moments here and there. “I Will” is a beautiful and emotional piano power ballad about love. “Nothing” the closing tack, starts with an acoustic guitar and a violin before it turns into a fast, angry anthem and has a more symphonic sound. The lyrics are mostly about things like personal struggles, humanity and feelings in general. Somewhat usual, I know, but the message is delivered well, without too much drama. There are two or three tracks about love-not one of my favorite lyrical themes, to be honest- but thankfully are not sugary. They are pretty generic, though. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of the bass. Apart from”Awaken Dreamer” and “War”, it is barely audible. It gets drenched by the guitars and drums, so the bassist doesn’t get many chances to shine.

Considering not only my personal tastes, but also what everyone asks from power metal records, this is a must-have, and not only for fans of the genre. I hope that Endless Main will sometime in the future gain the fame they deserve.

FrozenSand, June 9th, 2017


released May 23, 2017

The band ENDLESS MAIN won the second album for many years. It boasts several attributes. The music that the album offers is tuned hard and technically and directs the musical way of power thrash metal with symphonic conditions. In any case, the album needs to be enjoyed several times so that the person comes to the root and can enjoy it perfectly. The excellent technical composition of the band has melted into nine songs, one of them having a touch of romantic "sweetheart". Excellent move! ENDLESS MAIN currently have a four-member ensemble and enjoy concerts on 10 June 2017 in Ruzomberok Novo Korze.
ENDLESS MAIN for the graphic side of her album, Gogo Melone, a Paris-based artist from Gogo Melone, has transplanted the band's ideas into digital form. The rest of the graphics were taken care of by the band itself and the merch has already been being prepared at Nosferatu Merch. However, the guests who helped with the preparation of music are also interesting. On the bass guitar it's Bruno Ladislau from Brazil, and in Brazil, in the people around Andros Matosa, the master of the album II was also committed.



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Endless Main Zvolen, Slovakia

After the band was formed, we started working on our first cd called SEA OF LIES. And shortly thereafter we played the first concerts. At the end of 2016, we started recorded a CD called "II" and continued in 2017 when the CD was recorded. At the beginning of 2017, the band joined the newly formed label called Slovak Metal Ar
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